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Baclaran Day

I grew up seeing the hectic streets of Baclaran and its modern Romanesque church. I was too young to understand then why my mother would kneel, pray, and move, while kneeling, towards the altar. You still see a few devotees doing this today. My Aunt’s ritual was different and less taxing. After mass and novena, […]

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Filipino Made Backpacks

One of my favorite accessory when I travel is my Blazing Products belt bag. I bought it in 2004. It’s no Jansport but it sure is good if not better. I had two imported backpacks but this locally made belt bag, which I use far more often, managed to outlive them all. Yesterday, I saw […]

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Fight for Parañaque’s Bird Sanctuary

Another commercial complex. Shops, restos, parking lots and supermarkets. That’s what investors intend to build in the last bird sanctuary in metro-manila. In 2007 President Arroyo banned all activities that could threaten the sanctuary. Now under this current president, a government agency is planning to carry out a project that would reclaim land for commercial […]

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