Takayama the Catholic Samurai & the Japanese Beatas of Manila

In front of the abandoned Paco station is a statue of a Samurai, Justo Takayama, who lived and died not far from where it stand. Takayama, a daimyo, was sent packing by an edict from Tokugawa banning Christianity. He was accompanied by Jesuit missionaries and was received with pomp by Filipinos. The conditions and perhaps the sadness of […]

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The Lourdes in Ophir Road

While I was assigned in Cebu I worked with two Goanese trainers. Both devout Catholics and both possess sonorous Portuguese names. The guy, Savio, went on expeditions, visiting several old churches, reaching as far as Argao and Boljoon during his 2 month stint with us. That he traveled alone made his trips more impressive. Before he left Cebu, he […]

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