Germany | Manila

The Rizal Fountain in Wilhelmsfeld

The long and cold educational field trip in Wilhelmseld for me ironically, ended here, in Luneta, in some forgotten ground that no one bother to see except bums and underage student lovers. This fountain was in Wilhelmsfeld until the Germans thought it a good idea to bring it here in the 60’s as a gift. […]

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The Rizal Manifesto

Having visited Rizal’s reconstructed house in Calambâ recently (biking all the way there from Muntinglupà!), I became interested again in the circumstances that led to his execution. I reread “The Trial of Rizal” (a book almost forgotten today) and saw some interesting facts that are often glossed over by our history teachers. For example, not […]

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The Anda Circle and Simon de Anda

One of my favorite story in our history is that of Simon de Anda. So fascinated by his life story that I started using his surname as my internet alias. He fought against his countryman’s abuse and has made many enemies along the way. He reminds me of another Basque, the first Bishop Salazar, who […]

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