A short trip to Malolos

Last month, we visited Malolos and ran some errands in town. On our way back to Manila, I decided to take my mother and son to Malolos Church (officially, Basílica Menor y Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción de Malolos). If there are people around me in historical places, I usually talk about their history. I […]

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Bulacan | Laguna

Old Houses in Pinoy Horror Films

I was watching news earlier when I saw a news anchor show some of the old houses that has been shoot locations for some of the popular Pinoy Horror movies. Bahay na Pula in San Ildenfonso Bulacan (Ilusorio Mansion). In San Miguel Bulacan they showed the Tecson house. In San Pablo Laguna there’s what locals […]

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Malolos: In Panorama

The last time I visited this place I was in secondary school. Back in the early 90’s, a brother purchased a small but tidy house in this Bulaqueño town. It was for a bargain price. It is now leased to a family for a very reasonable rent with the conditions that they keep it in […]

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