Bacolor, Rising from the Ashes

20 years ago, lahar, [a mudflow with the density of concrete – fluid when moving, solid when settled] overflowed  towards Bacolor. Aside from the terrible lost of lives, another casualty of that catastrophic disaster was “old Bacolor”.  At that time, is said to have the most number of Spanish Philippine era houses in the province. […]

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Historia | Laguna

Calamba by Bike. Rizal @ 150!

What I discovered recently is how its so much better traveling around old towns in a bicycle. It won’t always be possible as tehre are limitations in the number of places you can reach but nothing  beats the health benefits (which I desperately needs!) and the mobility it affords. Since I was expecting some rain […]

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Dancing in the streets of Morong!

[youtube=] Chance upon these locals dancing to the music of a brass band in front of Morong’s municipio. Looks like they’re rehearsing their moves for a celebration perhaps? Traditional dances are always enjoyable for the viewers as well as the dancers – and it shows here, as these ladies, wearing long traditional costumes, seem not […]

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Morong Rizal

A Morning in Morong Rizal

Morong Moro Its surprising how provinicial some towns are even if they’re just a few kilometers away from the capital. Morong in Rizal is one such town. I came to see the town to visit its famed San Geronimo church but ended up wandering around for awhile. The entire province was once called the province […]

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