Historia | Laguna

Calamba by Bike. Rizal @ 150!

What I discovered recently is how its so much better traveling around old towns in a bicycle. It won’t always be possible as tehre are limitations in the number of places you can reach but nothing  beats the health benefits (which I desperately needs!) and the mobility it affords. Since I was expecting some rain […]

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NHI: “New & Improved!”

I got nothing better to do today so I decided to check out NHI’s bookstore in Kalaw. Last time I went there was summer of ‘08, bought some books and wandered around the institution’s vicinity. Construction was all over the place last year, I took it as a good sign. Now, the place is clean […]

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Ambeth’s lecture on Rizal photos

Ambeth Ocampo held a short but very informative talk about Rizal at PowerBooks Makati last Wednesday. The subject was Rizal in pictures. The most photographed Philippine hero of all time, what was on display was various stages of his life in photos, from his youthful Ateneo days to his death in the fields of Bagumbayan. […]

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