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With Don Pio Andrade de Paracale!

I visited chemist Pio Andrade in Arellano University (Legarda) to ask him a few questions about his history growing up, as a chemist and as a historian. He’s a personal hero of mine. One of those guys that got me reading deep into Philippine history. He’s an iconoclast, a man whose obsession with methodical research […]

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Camarines Norte

Golden Paracale

The first time I heard about Paracale was in grade school. My father told us his boys that the town was rich in gold, that people would dig holes in their backyards and extract gold from it.┬áThe idea of seeing Paracale has simmered at the back of my mind since then. A week ago, I […]

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Is Rizal’s execution photo a still from 1912 movie?

Pio Andrade, Philippine Daily Inquirer THE PICTURE at left is the only known photograph of Rizal’s execution. The picture has been reproduced so many, many times in books and popular publications that its image is deeply imprinted in Filipino minds. But is the picture authentic? This question, it seems, has never been seriously entertained. I […]

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